Monday, August 03, 2015

Campaign 2015: Day 1

There was something about Justin Trudeau's speech yesterday (well, all his speeches) that reminded me of those Tom Cruise videos where he's speaking at the Scientology conventions. Always smiling. Giving every speech like it's the most... important... thing... he's ever said. Like an actor in a Canadian TV show playing the part of a politician. I'm sure Trudeau's a nice guy. He just weirds me out in almost the same way as Tom Cruise.

Meanwhile that other Tom looked like he had to poo or maybe hadn't gone in a few days. Not sure which. I always get the vibe that Mulcair would rather be yelling at someone and has to keep his anger contained (and his nostrils un-flared) while making public appearances.

And Harper seems like an introvert who is painfully uncomfortable politicking and meeting people, and who would rather be at home reading.


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