Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trudeau's 1970 speech about "troubled period in this province" has echoes of 2014

Anthony Housefather (@AHousefather), the mayor of Côte Saint-Luc, has tweeted a front page story in The Gazette from February 8, 1970, that reports on Prime Minister Trudeau's speech at a B'Nai Brith Canada event. Trudeau told the mostly Jewish audience the following:
"I am aware we are passing through a troubled period in this province, and that being a member of a minority in these circumstances can be cause for apprehension. I know that many members of the Jewish community share this feeling and have doubts about their future in Quebec. If I can speak as a member of one minority to another -- stick with it. With all your energies and abilities play your full part in this society, which you have helped to build and insist on your rights as members of it."
The exact same speech could be given today, which is incredibly depressing.

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Côte Saint-Luc Mayor Samuel Moskovitch on the front page of The Gazette, Monday, February 8, 1970

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