Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Help give Quebec a proper French name

Join me in forcing the PQ government to change the name of our province, which I have always found too Algonquin-ish. 

Once the language inspectors start poking around the government itself, I trust Premier Marois will take the courageous stand and rename our home something more French. I propose Ici

(If Radio-Canada complains it is too similar to their new name, Premier Marois should explain that [1] Quebec never approved their name change, and [2] Quebec doesn't recognize it.)

Here's my complaint letter to the language inspectors: I am disturbed by the widespread use of the Algonquin word 'Québec'. I have seen it on many signs related to commercial, educational, and healthcare And also on many government offices including: 75 boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest, 125 rue Sherbrooke Ouest . Even in Quebec City at 1045 Rue des Parlementaires. I am a proud language sentinnel, I urge you to protect us from the Algonquin influence.

You can complain too using the OLQF's very advanced Word doc or (non-fillable) PDF.

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