Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bernard Landry and the "but-we-copulated-with-other-peoples-hundreds-of-years-ago" defense against charges of modern xenophobia

Bernard Landry is sooooooo angry by reports from English-language media in the rest of Canada about the possible kippah/turban/hijab ban. He says that they are calling Quebec xenophobic and racist. In fact, they are calling the proposed law and it's proponents xenophobic and racist -- not Quebec as a whole.

But putting that aside, he can't understand why they would call "Quebec" (however defined) xenophobic. Don't they know French settlers knocked up some first nations women 300 years ago? Don't they know they later wooed Irish women?

It's the "but-we-copulated-with-other-peoples-hundreds-of-years-ago" defense against charges of modern xenophobia! No matter what the proposed law, you can mention that you great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather did the nasty with local women not of your colour/race/religion and then your proposed law becomes awesome! Not at all racist!

Here are Landry's comments:
"It's infuriating but it's so pathetic to go and say that Quebec is xenophobic and racist — when from the start of our national adventure we intermingled with Amerindians. The majority of us have Amerindian roots, one-quarter of us have Irish roots, we have had six premiers of Irish origin. What are these people talking about? Why are they so misinformed in the rest of Canada? ... 
He also mentions one African-born member of the PQ. And one Latino member of the BQ. That's great, but, again, this isn't a get out of jail free card, Bernie.
"Do they think our culture minister was born on Ile d'Orleans? It's (Cameroonian native) Maka Kotto. We (the PQ) elected the first black person in the Quebec national assembly. The Bloc Québécois elected the first Latino to the Parliament of Canada. They should open their eyes."
Maybe President Putin will use this strategy in defense of his anti-gay law and reveal that his great-uncle had a same-sex fling with the local Czarist official. If it worked for Bernie, maybe it will work for Vlad.

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Unknown said...

Someone should remind M. Landry that Thomas Jefferson had a black lover and biracial children. It didn't stop him from being a slaveowner.