Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Montreal Gazette digital edition: print subscribers can't sign up

Every 6 months or so, I try to register for the Montreal Gazette digital newspaper. This is the online version of the newspaper that looks like the newspaper. There is a box that says: "Print subscribers register now!" 5/6/7-day print subscribers click here to register for FREE access now." (See screen shot below.)

I'm a print subscribers, so I assume I can get the digital version for free. But that's not what happens. I follow the link and registered, but at no point did it ask me for my mailing address to prove I was a print subscriber. So, when I try to click page 2 of the digital newspaper, I'm prompted for pay for a digital subscription.

Thanks for wasting my time again, The Gazette. After I finish banging my head against the wall, I'll try again in 6 months.

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