Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two days, two horrid drivers

During the past two morning commutes, I approached a major intersection where traffic was stopped because of a red light. I was about eight cars back from the stop line and slowed my car in an incremental way. Given that there was a driveway to access a McDonald's to my right and given that my lane wasn't going anywhere, I always try to leave space so cars on the opposite side of the street can to turn into the restaurant parking lot.

Although it is probably not illegal to block a McDonald's driveway (as opposed to blocking an intersection), it is nonetheless a drivers convention. Also, it would be mean to block the driveway unnecessarily.

So, today and yesterday, I slow down and stop, leaving a car length of space in front of me. The guy on my right did the same. We both noticed the car trying to exit McDonald's and both judged that it would be appropriate to let him out.

Then the driver behind me honked because I left a space in front of me. Note that the traffic light was still red and there were about eight cars ahead of me. We weren't going anywhere. Yet, the driver behind me honked and raised her hands in the air. I pointed to the car exiting McDonald's. I didn't know what else to do.

I wonder if the driver saw the car exiting McDonald's but thought I should have blocked it or if she didn't see it. Evil or stupid?You decide. Either way, a complete douchebag.


Neil said...

SAAQ (or is it SAQ) guidelines on indicating in Quebec. "Please indicate to kindly conclude your manouvre"

Kristian said...

That sorta stuff happens to me about 20 times a day, about half the time I'm the good guy and half the time I'm the bad guy. Was it your first time in a car ?

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