Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The best anti-graffiti initiative of all time

In what is arguably the best anti-graffiti initiative ever developed, an understandably angry property owner posted a sign at 5512 Louis Hebert Avenue in Montreal with the following bilingual text:
Mon ostie de vidange de scribouilleur. Si je te vois encore en train de barbouiller mes mures, je vais te chercher et te trouverai pour t'arracher la tête et te chier dans le corps.
You stupid ass-hole. If I even catch you painting my walls again I will go after you and I will find you to kick your head off and shit all over you !

You can see the Google Maps street view of the sign yourself. I don't know how effective these signs have been and whether it has reduced the amount of graffiti. But maybe the city should plaster the city with threats of violence to vandals who deface stuff that doesn't belong to them. It would be an interesting anti-crime experiment.