Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mayor of Dollard "deplores" public reaction to Streethockeygate

It's hard to not to feel bad for DDO and its mayor. A public security agent panicked based on a resident complaint about noise and gave a fine (not a warning) to a father who had organized a street hockey game. More than a week has passed since the incident and the media coverage that ensured. A week is to long for a response, but DDO finally responded.

In short, DDO says the bylaw that prohibits street hockey is 25 years old, is based on a Quebec law, but has never been used. Until last week. And that was a mistake.

But I guess DDO is sore about the media coverage and the discussions in the blogosphere about this incident--all critical of DDO.  Mayor Janiszewski in a moment of Nixonian fury couldn't resist taking a swipe and the media and the public. The statement says that "Mayor Janiszewski deplores the public outcry sparked by residents and journalists alike." Yes, it's the media's fault. And the public. If it wasn't for all those pesky residents who live in DDO, the mayor would have a much easier job. You hear that, folks. No more public outcries.

This is a hideously bad reaction.

This was a snafu by an isolated public security agent. You should simply explain that he was overzealous and move on. No need to blame anyone else. And in an era with massive voter apathy and limited public participation at the municipal level, you should be happy anyone is paying attention to anything that happens in your town.
Mayor Janiszewski adresses the question of street hockey
Publish on 3/30/2010

Dollard-des-Ormeaux, March 29, 2010 – The bylaw which prohibits street games has been in effect for over 25 years. The ticket recently given to a Dollard-des-Ormeaux resident for playing street hockey with his son and a dozen other youths is an isolated case and the one and only ticket ever given for street hockey in the City’s existence.

Mayor Janiszewski deplores the public outcry sparked by residents and journalists alike over such an isolated case and wishes to remind all citizens that the City of Dollard-des-Ormeaux strongly endorses sports for youth and is proud to see young persons playing, provided that they are in no danger, do not damage cars or disturb public order and peace. The bylaw which exists in most cities will not be changed, as it is based on a provincial law.
To all parents: "Nothing has changed. Let your children play as usual, but make sure that they are doing so safely and with respect for the property of others.

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