Monday, September 15, 2008

Lost time at Reno Depot

Wal-Mart is still the worst big-store weekend shopping experience yet devised. But Reno-Depot took a giant leap forward (or backward) in my book of stores that piss me off.

I had to buy a door. Thinking of the details make will make me shake with anger, so I'll summarize: I bounced around the store from one person to another to order a pick a door, pay for a door and cut a door.

I experienced lost time--three hours of it--and might as well have been probed by aliens and had my clothes put on backwards.

But the afternoon wasn't without its laughs. A yellow front door panel announced to the world (inappropriately, I thought) that it was HIV (positive, I guess). See photo.

Then there was an animatronic machete-wielding Jason, right in time for impressing your neighbours, if you live in a place where such an item is the object of desire.

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