Sunday, September 07, 2008

I hate people who are 'tired of elections'

At IGA supermarket last week, I was forced to wait for several minutes in the six items or fewer line because Patron 1 at the front decided to contest the price of her five items. Patron 1 saw the lineup but wasn't dissuaded. After all hope was lost, she left. But the damage was done. People were fuming.

Next up: Patron 2, who asked for four kinds of cigarettes and rolling paper (!), which is difficult to find if you are not a smoker. The cashier was not a smoker. What's worse, the cigarettes are hidden away forcing the cashier to open and close most of the drawers in her attempt to find. Even though Patron 2 experienced the unholy wait caused by Patron 1, she, too, didn't much care.

The only thing I hate more than the behaviour of these two patrons are the people who are now complaining that they are tired of federal elections and don't want one again. What the hell is wrong with people?

I'm not sure what makes these hyper-sensitive people 'tired of elections'. It's not like they have to undergo chemotherapy. It's not like they have to travel the country and shake hands with countless people. They don't even have to read the party platforms or watch the news.

All they have to do is wait until election day, go to a neighbourhood school or hockey arena, wait in line for about 20 minutes, and move a pencil a few inches while applying moderate pressure with their fingers. They even get to leave work early.

I think these people are 'tired of elections' in the same way as they are 'tired of their hair style' or are 'tired of the shows on tv'. It's not a real 'tiredness' like a single-mom waking up at 6am for 18 years to take the bus to the factory in order to make enough to send her child to university. It's a fake 'tiredness'.

If you are tired of democratic elections, clearly life (including life in Canada) is too much for you to handle. Courage, mofo. Courage.

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