Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Bell as assholish as the old Bell

A few years ago, my parents were screwed out of a few hundred bucks because of long-distance charges to Tavulu or some miserable place like that. Lots of people were screwed because of a virus that took over people's old-fashioned dial-up modems and made the long distance calls.

Bell said it wasn't there problem, even though newspaper reports say they knew about it but did nothing to, say, block calls to those places. The sudden spike in calls to some place no one ever calls didn't worry Bell. They get paid either way.

Soon after, I looked at my $50 Bell phone bill and decided I would find an alternative. I did. It was VoIP and it cost me just $25 each month. Ha. Screw you, Bell. Later, I jettisoned by DSL Internet connection. Ha, two times! No more Bell. I was free.

When I called to cancel, the agent told me that I would still have to pay an extra 30 days, even though I didn't use the service. I explained nicely that was not going to happen. After a back and forth, I asked to speak to her manager. Pause. Hold on sir, she said. A few moments later, she said that she would not charge me this time.

What a company. They decided not to charge me for a service they were no longer providing. But I would be charged, she said, but then my refund would be pro-rated.

Whatever, I thought. As long as they pay me back, I don't mind waiting a few weeks.

The weeks passed. No refund on my credit card. Hmm. I call. Another agent explains that is normal. It will happen soon. Another few weeks go by. It is now two months after I canceled. Still no refund.

I call again. There is no record of a refund in their system. But he will send the request to the refund department and I will get a cheque. In four to six weeks.

Bell continues to operate like assholes. Which is a huge problem as they face more competition than ever.

A new logo isn't going to save them.

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