Saturday, June 07, 2008

Dog owners are gross

Many (not all) dog owners are disgusting humans who bring their excrement-machines outdoors and soil my neighbourhood sidewalks. But it gets worse. Well, not worse exactly, just equally assholish.

A lady in Westmount Park today (see below) groomed her dog and let the (probably smelly) dog hair fall on the grass beside her and blow in the wind. The light coloured areas in the grass around her is dog hair. That's class!

Seen at the F1 street fest

There seems to be some car race this weekend in Montreal. I went to the street fair downtown to investigate and saw lots of red cars and women in bikinis (see below). In fairness to the ladies--who seemed to be selling something--it was 30 degrees Celsius today so the bikini was a wise clothing choice.

The only time I've ever felt more icky from walking through a crowd is when I happened to walk past a bar on Prince Arthur Street during some television boxing match. Lots of folks I don't normally see at the library.

I don't know who will win the race and I won't watch it. But if this business helps trickle some cash down to me, I have no objections.

Seen in Westmount: Rocky Balboa

This cardboard cutout of Rocky Balboa appeared on Sherbrooke St. W. in Westmount. Not sure who put it there of for what end. But it's cool and I wish I had one on my street.