Saturday, April 12, 2008

Quebec town threatened with violence for translating bylaws

What happens when a municipality in western Quebec decides to translate some of its bylaws into English for the benefit of its residents? They are threatened anonymously by terrorist wannabees.

It is 2008, by the way.
A few days after asking the City of Gatineau to translate its bylaws into English, the Regional Association of West Quebecers began receiving e-mail messages telling the group it must abandon its alleged crusade against French or risk getting "lead in their heads."

André Hurtubise, the English-language community group's chief executive officer, had told city councillors on March 11 that English-speaking residents of Gatineau have as much right to understand what their city expects from them as French-speakers.

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Andre Hurtubise said...

As the recipient of the threatening e-mails I ask that we not paint all Quebecers with the same brush, the majority of Quebecers are wonderful people with the exception of a few radicals such as those who sent me the e-mails. If we play their game and begin to insult each other it is a certainty that matters will once again escalate to that which they were in the 70’s and no one wishes to relive that.

I am concerned and have turned matters over to the police but ask of all you kind and supportive listeners to refrain from making matters worse and viewing all Quebecers in the same light. We, the Regional Association of West Quebecers have a motto,

"A healthy English-speaking community in a secure French-speaking Quebec.
A strong Quebec in a united Canada."

Andre Hurtubise
Executive Director
Regional Association of West Quebecers