Monday, April 21, 2008

Quebec destroys the evidence

Just how many people were denied their right to have their votes counted in the referendum in 1995 on Quebec secession?

We'll never know because (a) the Quebec Liberal Party made a decision to not make a fuss about stolen votes once their side won, (b) the Parti Québécois didn't want to be dragged down by the actions of some of its election officials who instructed underlings how to disallow votes and (c) the courts didn't do their job.

This is a scandalous story. Far worse than the sponsorship scandal. And yet the Quebec intelligentsia want to hide this away like a crazy aunt. I am fairly confident that René Levesque is spinning in his grave. This scandal was an affront to Quebec democracy and is about to be shredded from the collective memory of the province.

Spoiled votes saga nears end
Court is expected to allow 1995 referendum ballots to be shredded, leaving some unanswered questions

The Gazette

Monday, April 21, 2008

The long-running saga of the spoiled ballots from the last Quebec referendum looks destined to end in anticlimax.

It now seems likely that all will never be told about the extent to which the separatist side tried to rig the vote, given the impending destruction by powers that be of vital evidence in the affair.

A Superior Court hearing is scheduled for the last day of this month to entertain a request by Quebec's elections chief for leave to finally put the 4.8 million ballots from the 1995 sovereignty referendum to the shredder. And presumably to the recycling bin after that.

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