Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The 'I love New York' ad and how the Internet is the greatest research tool ever

In October 2001, the New York tourism agency ran a television commercial showing everyday people and celebrities saying the phrase "I love New York". The ad ran only for a short time, but it was very touching. The goal was to remind people that New York was a great city where life was returning to normal after the attacks.

We would always stop whatever we were doing to watch the commercial. Years after it stopped airing on television, I tried to find it online. I wanted to figure out why it had such an effect on me. I remember the guitar sounded a lot like it was performed by The Edge. And I remember the old man outside his shop on the street repeating the line "I love New York" in a heavily-accented English.

Before the Internet, the provenance of the ad would have remained a mystery with no opportunity to watch it again. But now one can find out more about it, with a little research. I was able to find out who directed it (Mark Claywell) and even the name of the commercial (New Day). But the video itself wasn't available anywhere.

I read somewhere how the Internet has allowed people to get in touch with, well... not exactly celebrities, but people of interest (to borrow a phrase from the police). This could be some book author, or professor in India, or the writer of some obscure movie-- that is, everyone who is a purveyor of mass information (to some degree).

So, I e-mailed Mark Claywell, the director, to tell him how much I enjoyed the ad and to ask if it was available online. He wrote back with a link to the commercial. Neat. Case closed. After years of looking, I finally could watch the commercial. And now you can too. Enjoy.

UPDATE: The video doesn't seem to be at the above link. You can view Mark Claywell's "A New Day" here:


Marissa said...

I was looking for the same video, for the same reason, and I found your post. The link no longer works. Do you have another one that does?

Jeremy said...

I was also looking for the video after fond memories of watching it back in 2001 – and finally found it on youtube tonight. I love the music - did you every find out who performed it? It could have been turned into a really great song!

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