Monday, April 28, 2008

General Tao chips from President's Choice

I enjoy President's Choice products. I like their light blue menu. I like their cola. And now I think I just may love their General Tao Chicken potato chips.

I haven't bought a bag of fried-in-oil potato chips in several years. I either get the Baked Lays or the Olestra Ruffles from the United States of America. So, my excitement over General Tao Chicken chips was genuine.

The packaging suggests the chips have a sweetness. I was eager to find out. Here are my observations as I write this minutes after enjoying a few.
1. They are thicker than Ruffles.
2. They are spicier and sweeter than barbecue-flavoured chips.
3. They are comparable to, say, all-dressed flavour in that there are a lot of flavours to content with.
4. For now, I would describe these as a cross between barbecue-, ketchup- and all-dressed-flavoured chips.
5. There are very salty (I just had to down a glass to water).

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