Thursday, February 14, 2008

Language supremacists strike again

The Quebec language police are threatening to fine McKibbin's Irish Pub $1,500 for each in a series of language-related offenses. Offense 1: Too much English is being spoken by staff. Offense 2, 3, 4, etc.: Antique posters lining the walls advertising hundred-year old Irish beer (in English) no longer sold.

Please remember how this story made you feel when one of the three big political parties in Quebec asks for your support and your money. None of these parties have the courage to end this language madness that has gripped Quebec for 40 years and continues to hold on like a old-arthritic hand belonging to some old man that you wouldn't want anywhere near your children. If you vote for any of those political parties, you are the problem, not the solution.

I fully expect that someone at the Office Québécoise de la langue francaise (read: language police) is going to say the threatening letter was a mistake by an "over zealous employee" and that the old antique posters are considered art and therefore are exempt according to Quebec language censorship laws.

But what if the pub owner hasn't gone to the news media and reported this craziness? This nonsense happens to owners every day and not all of them have the courage to contact the media.

Language supremacists and the political parties that don't have the courage or backbone to stand up to them are the enemy.
McKibbin's Pub faces fines for English signs
Alan Hustak
The Gazette
Thursday, February 14, 2008

McKibbins Irish Pub in Montreal will challenge an order from Quebec's language police to remove antique advertising posters from the popular Bishop Street night spot.

Inspectors from Office de la langue française have ordered McKibbins to remove advertisments for Guiness Dublin 1759 Ireland Trademark, Palethorpes Pork Pies, and St. James Gate Dublin - products that have not been available for more than a century.

On Feb 6, the Office de la langue française informed McKibbin's owners that, under article 58 of the language charter, too much English was being spoken among the staff.

"We advise you that the law requires the French language to be predominant in public signs and commercial advertising; if another language is used at the same time, French must be given overall priority, the visual impact of the French text has to be much more important," the notice also read.

McKibbin's could be fined as much as $1,500 for each infraction.

Pub owners Rick Fon and Dean Laderoute say the signs were imported from Ireland when they opened thepub 10 years ago, and are décor, not a violation of Quebec's language laws.

"We're not taking any of it down," said pub co-owner, Dean Laderoute. " If we cannot have an Irish decor, McKibbin's as an Irish pub ceases to exist."

Viviane Guérin, the complaints specialist with the Office de langue française who ordered the signs removed cannot be reached for comment.

McKibbins will be launching a website next Wednesday,, to solicit public opinion on the matter.


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Anonymous said...

I thought CANADA (including Quebec) was a democratic country. So why does the federal government sit back and let the PQ push there facist laws on Canadian citizens living in Quebec?
I don't think its a crime for McKibbins Irish Pub to display Irish Culture here in Montreal where we have one of the biggest Irish communities going outside of Ireland (not to mention the longest running St. Patrick's Day Parade in North America). Shouldn't proud Irish decendents have as much right to see there history displayed and preserved as the french do?