Monday, December 03, 2007

Winter comes early in 2007-08

It snowed a week or so ago in Montreal, but we woke up today to the first major dump of snow of the season. I was without a shovel or winter tires, so it was difficult to plow through. It's days like today that make one question the wisdom of a major city on this island in north eastern North America.

The weatherman forecasts a cold winter with lots of snow. The first major storm of 2005-06 was December 16. In 2006-07, snow came late and we had a green Christmas.

As is the tradition at New Quebec, here is what a car looks like after the first major snow storm of the year in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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crammer said...

you're missing the traditional 2foot-high wall of rock-hard snow separating you from the street like ghengis khan from china, gracieusté des (union) local snowplower.