Sunday, June 03, 2007

Movies: Knocked Up (2007)

There is a scene in Knocked Up (2007) where Ben (chubby, pot-smoking slacker guy with curly hair) is discussing over dinner with Allison (pretty tv host he knocked up) and her sister (pretty, older stay-at-home mom) and her husband (successful, handsome, unhappy) that part of him would get into the DeLorean if Doc Brown showed up to take him to the past to undo the unplanned pregnancy.

The sisters have no idea who Doc Brown is and don't understand what the guys are taking about. The sisters become incredibly peeved that (1) the men (who barely know each other) have this shared guy culture of which the women have no knowledge (or control), and (2) they feel excluded from this part of the men's lives.

A recurring theme in the movie is that women believe that men live in a fantasy world (movies, fantasy baseball, etc.), while women are interested in serious things (sex offender database, pregnancy books, etc.). The men believe the women control their lives and there is no escape. To quote the overused quote from the movie: "Marriage is like an unfunny, tense version of Everybody Loves Raymond, but it doesn't last 22 minutes. It lasts forever."

This prescient dialog illustrates the great writing in Knocked Up--a comedy that could have easily been just a guy movie. Instead it is a guy movie, a chick flick, a relationship film, and a slapstick comedy with lots of cheap jokes and funny sight gags. This film will appeal to a lot of different people and is going to make a truckload of money through positive word-of-mouth reviews.

Knocked Up is written and directed by same guy who did 40 Year Old Virgin. But Knocked Up is the better film. It is both more juvenile and more mature. There are sophomoric and witty scenes that will make the audience erupt in laughter. And there are moments of spot-on commentary about how the lives of women and men and their insecurities, fears, hopes, struggles, blah blah blah.

There are no big special effects, so you might be tempted to watch this one at home. But there are big laughs from start to finish and you'll enjoy watching this in a crowd. This is a really good movie. Very enjoyable and I have no regrets I paid $26 for the tickets.

New Quebec rating: 4.5/5
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