Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ikea leaves flags in disrepair outside Montreal store

The management of the Ikea store in Montreal (Cavendish/Hwy 40) has been flying the flags of Canada and the United States in an embarrassing state of disrepair for at least three weeks. I cannot believe no one in management at the store has not noticed the state of their flags.

There is no excuse for this. Ikea worldwide sales in 2006 was 17.3 billion euros. It owns and operates 225 stores in 24 countries, including 11 in Canada. This is a huge company.

Flag etiquette suggests they remove the flags rather than leave them hanging in their current state. The photo below was taken on June 24, 2007.

You can contact Ikea here.

UPDATE: Ikea has responded (see messages below) and say the flags do not belong to them but to another commerce nearby. I suppose that explains it. It would have been odd had Ikea not noticed this.

However, I have a vague memory years ago of seeing a yellow Ikea flag on the far left poll followed by a Quebec flag and a Canada flag. At the time, I remember thinking that Ikea had not put the flags in the correct order. Did Ikea once have ownership of those flags and now do not?

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Anonymous said...

Re: Ikea leaves flags in disrepair outside Montreal store

Please note that the reference to flags outside the IKEA Montreal store is incorrect. The flags depicted in the photograph do not belong to IKEA Montreal, but the brake factory that recently caught fire in April.

IKEA suggests that you get in touch with the owners of this property, Nordic Developments, to address the state of their flags.

IKEA Canada takes flag etiquette very seriously, and the only flags that are used at all 11 IKEA locations include the Canadian, provincial and Swedish flag.

Kind regards,
IKEA Corporate Communications

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