Thursday, June 21, 2007

Anti-war idiots protest against troops

It is shocking how some people in Quebec have chosen to protest the Nato mission in Afghanistan, which seeks stabilize that country to prevent it from again becoming a haven to train radical Islamists.

Instead of protesting on Parliament Hill or some federal building, these useful idiots decided to protest in front of the Quebec-based troops who were invited to the Montreal Alouettes football game this evening.

The troops are about to be shipped to fight a dangerous war and anti-war people think themselves clever to lower the morale of the troops. And then there are the handful of Parti Québécois legislators who didn't join their colleagues in the standing ovation for the delegation of Quebec-based troops who visited the Quebec legislature yesterday. Disgusting.

Anyway, here's a much more eloquent comment about this from a CTV News streeter:

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Anonymous said...

And the Army (well the powers that direct the army) deciding to use troops in a PR exercise....

I'd say that they are responsible for not caring about their troops and placing them in this position. That's the disgusting part...