Saturday, April 07, 2007

Nigerian scammers act out dead parrot sketch

I've read about people in North America who turn the tables on those Nigerian email scammers by getting the scammers to hold up funny sign and do stupid things. The goal is to waste as much of their time as possible. And it's funny.

The anti-scammers have upped the ante. Making them hold photos of David Hasslehoff is no longer enough. Now they are getting the scammers to act out Monty Python sketches.

This is a video created by a Nigerian email scammer who thinks he is producing a video for a scholarship payment from a victim he tried to scam. Unfortunately for this particular scammer, the "victim" fought back and created a fake video production company with promises of cash!

It has to be noted that the two people who appear in this video are probably not scammers themselves. More than likely they are amateur actors paid to do the work on the scammer's behalf. Even though their acting is petty shaky, they do seem to have had previous experience!


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