Friday, March 02, 2007

Which city (website) is worth more: Toronto or Montreal

The website dnScoop calculates the number of page links, visits and other key data associated with your website. Then it assigns a monatary value to your website.

For fun, let's compare the City of Toronto website ( with the City of Montreal website (

These values were assigned on March 2, 2007. You can run these tests yourself anytime.

As an aside, I don't understand why so many Quebec municipalities cling to these overly-complicated web addresses. For instance, Montreal owns the entire domain yet (1) they don't use (which is shorter and easier to remember), and (2) they don't bother to redirect visitors who type in their web browser. Instead, visitors get a sever not found error.

And I'm glad Herouxville added that sub-domain "municipalite" so that visitors wouldn't confuse their site with the multi-national petrolium giant Herouxville L.L.C.

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Anonymous said...

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