Friday, March 30, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell: BDS sufferer

We've known that Rosie O'Donnell has suffered for years from BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome). But she how now taken the leap to full-fledged '9/11-was-an-inside-job' nutbar with her latest rant this week on The View.

At times like this, I always like to quote from Carl Sagan, mostly because it makes me look smart. But also, he writes better than me and helps make my posts more good. Here goes:
Too much openness and you accept every notion, idea, and hypothesis -- which is tantamount to knowing nothing. Too much skepticism -- especially rejection of new ideas before they are adequately tested -- and you're not only unpleasantly grumpy, but also closed to the advance of science. A judicious mix is what we need.

It's no fun, as I said at the beginning, to be on the receiving end of skeptical questioning. But it's the affordable price we pay for having the benefits of so powerful a tool as science.
So, it's okay to be skeptical. But you need to be able to identify evidence as such when you see it. O'Donnell has wrapped herself science and sounds convincing. But her statements have already been debunked.

Popular Mechanics has done a good job at studying why the buildings fell. It has also now responded to O'Donnell BDS-inspired comments. Here's a part of the detailed point-by-point reply from Popular Mechanics:
The North and South Towers of the World Trade Center weren’t knocked down by planes—they both stood for more than a half-hour after the impacts. But the crashes destroyed support columns and ignited infernos that ultimately weakened—not melted—the steel structures until the towers could no longer support their own weights (NIST offers a primer here). Ms. O’Donnell fundamentally misstates the case with her use of the word “melting”: Evidence currently points to WTC7 also collapsing because fires weakened its ravaged steel structure.
Of course, when you suffer BDS, Popular Mechanics is nothing more than a front magazine for Chimpy McBushitler and his criminal, murdering CIA / Israeli / Freemason / Big Oil / Skull & Bones masters.

By the by, remember Rosie's infatuation with Tom Cruise when she used to host her morning talk show? Maybe she saw a kindred spirit in Tom Cruise. (I don't mean the gay thing. I mean the crazy thing.)

So, to recap:

* It's okay to question and be skeptical

* It's not okay to misstate facts and repeat slanderous statements that have been debunked

* O'Donnell suffers from BDS

* It's not okay to watch League of Their Own under any circumstances

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