Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Vermont Toy and Train Museum

If you are in central Vermont, visit the Vermont Toy and Train Museum.

The museum has a satisfying collection of artifacts from our youth.
  • Rows of lunch boxes from the 1970s and 1980s
  • Board games affixed to the roof
  • Action figures behind glass
  • A playable Atari 2600 and Star Trek themed pinball game
The highlight was seeing my brother's old Head-to-Head electronic baseball game, which was made by Coleco.

Seeing the game behind glass validated its worth to me. Which is what all museums try to do, I guess. Put something out of reach and behind glass and people want it.

Here's some stuff for Star Trek people.

By the way, the museum is located in a strip mall. Then again, then entrance to the Hockey Hall of Fame is in a food court. Here's the info if you want to go. It is near Woodstook, Vermont, which is a nice village town.

Vermont Toy and Train Museum
Route 4
Quechee, VT 05059
Phone: 800-438-5565

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Anonymous said...

It is hardly located in a strip mall! The Toy and Train Museum is in one end of the Quechee craft centre, where there is a vast antique market filled with a good collection of folk art pieces along with traditional antiques, a country store offering profuse samples of Vermont cheddars and a variety of fudges, locally made boots and shoes, and gifts and souvenirs. In the same "strip mall" is a diner that serves only locally grown and raised food, and an outlet sellign the wares of a local winery.

There are several charming "strip malls" featuring Vermont-made products (furniture, arts and crafts, maple stuff, clothing) all along Route 4 through Quechee.

-Bill Ellis