Sunday, November 12, 2006

Movies: The Departed (2006)

When a movie gets great reviews, it means I have to like it or else I'm dumb. I thought about this as I started watching The Departed (2006). But I quickly forgot about that I thoroughly enjoyed the next two-and-a-half hours.

Here's the premise: DiCaprio and Damon are new recruits for the Massachusetts state police. Damon moves up quickly. But we learn he is really a mole for Boston organized crime bad guy Jack Nicholson. Meanwhile, DiCaprio is recruited by the investigative unit headed by Martin Sheen and Mark Walhberg to be a mole to arrest the self-same crime chief. Two moles. Opposite roles.

The premise is good, and the rest of the film is even better.

Alec Baldwin has some great lines as a lead investigator who knows taking down Nicholson won't really have much effect on crime but plays along because it's his job. Wahlberg's psychoanalysis of DiCaprio during his job interview is a highlight. Nicholson is allowed to be Nicholson. Sheen's role is limited, but his genuine care for his mole DiCaprio acts as a great counterpoint to Wahlberg's in-your-face attitude.

No spoilers on how the movie ends. But it will keep in intrested and alert until the end. Go see this one.

New Quebec rating: 4.5 / 5