Saturday, July 15, 2006

TMR to residents: Sorry

The Town of Mount Royal sent a letter to all residents on July 14 apologizing for erasing all the English from its street signs, offering a pretty weak excuse for why they vandalized all the signs.

The town also hints that it will put back English onto street signs in some unspecified way.

(I assume TMR will add stickers with the English street designations on top of the black spray paint they used to censor the English words. I also assume they will make the English lettering half the sign of the French lettering, even though the law does not specify that and it is quite likely that their original signs were legal.)

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lecentre said...

Fellow Montrealer to TMR residents: I'm sorry you elected Danyluk.

Anonymous said...

Well thank God they are putting back bilingual signs! Although Quebec comes close to being a facist state like the Nazi's ... at least we have some freedoms left!