Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Movies: Nighthawks

We got our first VHS VCR in 1984 around the same time we got our first microwave. I associate the two because I remember watching movies at home that summer while eating... get this... microwaved hot dogs!

1. Put hot dog in bun. 2. Wrap in paper towel 3. Microwave 4. Eat. When you're 10, that is a pretty neat concept.

When you're 10, a Sylvester Stallone movie is also a neat concept. Especially when he gets to be a bad-ass cop put into an NYPD anti-terrorism squad. That is his character in Nighthawks (1981).

The basic story: Stallone and his partner, Billy Dee Williams, are hunting for some German terrorist who has come to NYC to cause problems. There is a good chase. Some good cursing. And a kick-ass ending.

Unfortunately, the movie feels like it was made in 1981. The music is cheese. It lacks the cool camera angles and stuff you see in modern films. Watching movies from that era always depresses me. NYC always looks so dirty and gross in movies from that time.

But Stallone has a beard and taunts knife-wielding street punks by saying things like, "C'mon He-Man!" Which is cool.

To put this movie into context, it was released two years after Rocky II, one year before First Blood and three years before Rhinestone. So Stallone was a huge star when he made Nighthawks.

Here's a blurb from Wikipedia about the film:
Despite receiving good reviews, including one from Variety, Nighthawks was not a commercial success. This marked Stallone's third non-Rocky film in a row to underachieve at the box office. After another flop - Victory - Stallone returned to Rocky III and then the smash-hit First Blood, which consolidated his status as an action-movie he-man, much like his contemporary Arnold Schwarzenegger. In Nighthawks, Stallone - sporting an atypical beard and at one point wearing eye-glasses - plays down the action in favor of plot and character development.

I'm glad I saw the movie again, but it wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. But the ending still kicks ass.

New Quebec rating: 3 / 5

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Ironic nostalgia seems a contrast to your usual themes, not a big fan of that kinda stuff.