Sunday, July 16, 2006

Distance measurement tool and pedometer

You have probably used an online map service (like Mapquest or Google Maps) to get directions and an approximate travel distance between towns.

But you can also calculate the exact distance of, say, your three-hour Sunday afternoon walk -- including all the twists and turns of your unique rote.

The free service uses Google Maps and adds a calorie burning tool. To indicate your route, you simply plot the exact course by clicking markers on the map. It works in miles and kilometers and you can save the map as a unique URL or in the GPX format.



Ian said...

I've used the Google Earth software for a similar exercise, but without the calorie counter. I wonder if it takes into account the fact that it was above 100F in Denver during my walk yesterday... I'm sure I sweated out more calories than it's giving me credit for!

Charisma Combestra said...

There are a wide variety of pedometers with different features on the market. Some models measure your aerobic steps, calorie consumption, distance, and will even save the data for several days.

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