Wednesday, June 07, 2006

This is Katharine McPhee's boyfriend

"Why, yes, doctor, I have noticed a horseshoe-like object in my rectum."

"Oh, no! I, Katharine McPhee hope Darryl doesn't see this photo of me and the monster I was stuck dating before I became famous and can't seem to shake off. Because I love Darryl and want to have his babies. Also, I want to have dinner with Darryl at Mr. Steer. Every week."

"Oh no! I, a Mr. Steer burger, hope Katharine McPhee doesn't see me chatting with these delicious Suzie-Q french fries."


Harris1972 said...

Interesting post but next time go easy on the Manishevitz before sitting down at the computer...


John said...

I think the guy is this month's cover model for 'I Don't Deserve My Girlfriend' magazine.