Monday, June 05, 2006

Graffiti on the new buses

Thanks to the seat configuration of the low-rise buses in Montreal, graffiti and vandalism seems to be much worse on those new buses than on the older buses with their more open design.

If you have been on the new buses, you know what I mean. Instead of two parallel benches along the sides in the back, the new buses combine forward, backward and sideways benches. And the engine uses up a quadrant of space from floor to ceiling on the back driver's side.

The back of one of the newer Montreal transit buses

Graffiti is made easy thanks to poor bus design

The new buses are hideously-designed on so many levels.
  • There is only one door in the middle, instead of two, which causes panicked escapes by passengers who have an even chance of missing their stop because they aren't sure if the people crowded around the one door plan on existing sometime this month
  • The motion-sensor device is a Sphinx-like mystery to an absurdly high number of people exiting just ahead of me each day who alternatively bang the door with their fist or simply place their hand on the door, immobile, imagining the STM has invested in biometric sensors not unlike those military personnel use to gain access to the White House Situation Room
  • There is less room to sit or stand
  • The windows at the back don't open, making it the hottest place on the bus
  • And now graffiti criminals can cut up and paint the seats, scratch the windows and generally make the place feel like a gang-infested town
Way to go, STM. Hope you're happy.


Anonymous said...

that bus didnt even have alot of graffiti on it ive seen buses with alot more on them.

Anonymous said...

nice, do you have some more pictures ?