Friday, May 12, 2006

Quebecor asks the tough questions

The Quebecor-owned news website Canoe asked visitors on May 8 whether it was "essential" that Finland-born Canadiens captain Saku Koivu "expresses himself" in French. (See screen shot below.)

A better question might have been:
"Are you worried that the serious eye injury suffered by the captain of the Canadiens (while he was working hard to entertain Montreal hockey fans regardless of their race, religion, language or creed) might end his career?"
"Do you support Saku Koivu's efforts to raise money for cancer research in Quebec?"
"Would you do a job where there was a possibility you could lose an eye, get a concussion or be cut by a flying skate blade?"
or better still
"Do you think Julie Snyder should appologize for implying that no English-speaking Quebecers can speak French properly?"

Saku KoivuSaku Koivu

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crammer said...

they might as well whether quebeckers prefer to live in a "republique de banane".