Sunday, May 07, 2006

Botanical Garden... who knew?

Maybe it was seeing the list of all those restaurants and activities listed the Entertainment Book. Or maybe it was a desire to go to the east end where I'd have no choice but to choose between La Belle Province, Lafleur or Valentines for lunch.

Whatever the reason, today we decided to broaden our weekend activities by visiting the Montreal Botanical Garden.

I always associated the Botanical Garden with dumb school trips. And plants. I'm not a plant expert, so a 60-minute walk through the several greenhouses representing the different earth climates doesn't appeal to me in the same was as walking through Best Buy for an hour. (Yay, ferns!)

Chinese plants and stuff in one of the greenhouses

And the greenhouses were much as I expected. Lots of plants. Lots of signs next to the plants. Some rooms were humid. Some dry. Some warm. Some cool. (Yay, mist!)

This explains so much about Wiley Coyote

But the highlight of the day wasn't in the greenhouses or at the Insectarium next door. (Although we saw some bugs that were Otis-Nixon-level ugly.) Rather, the highlight was the walk through the outdoor gardens behind the Botanical Garden greenhouses.

I always liked Beaver Lake on Mount Royal. But the lake and green space in the Japanese Garden is much nicer. See the photo below.

The Japanese Garden puts the Beaver Lake area to shame

The Botanical Gardens area is a nice place to go for a walk or run. If you've never been, I recommend a trip. Parking is reasonably-priced. They even give you "three only choices."

Three only choices

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