Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Traffic reports: slow down please

It bugs me how traffic radio announcers speed though their report (irony) without injecting the normal pauses needed so I can mentally digest what was said. When I'm in the car and hear the jingle announcing the start of traffic-and-weather-together I block out everything around me and concentrate very hard on listening for my the highway number.

"Forty west, forty west, forty west," my inside voice repeats. Heaven help me if I have to listen for news about traffic on two highways. In spite of my best efforts, I usually miss the useful bit of information in that quick torrent of words.

Radio traffic reporters, hear this: slow down. No one can understand a damned thing you are saying. Especially if you are the overnight traffic reporter at the second or third English-language radio station in Montreal and was hired in spite of the fact you mumble badly.

To television traffic reporters on CTV Montreal, I ask only that you superimpose direction indications over the Transport Quebec traffic camera video. It's kinda important.

Better yet, keep on doing the crapola job you're doing because we'll all soon have a GPS navigation system with live traffic overlays in our cars. Then you can leverage your quicktalking non-communicative skills in the exciting field of not-pissing-me-off-anymore.

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crammer said...

Some people are so hard to please, others hardly know how to please. Well written my friend.