Sunday, April 16, 2006

Global TV messes up again

Again last night, Global TV messed up the broadcast of Saturday Night Live. See my complaint to the CRTC below, which includes a description of what went wrong.

Maybe the guys in the Global TV control room keep on messing up because they are watching Bleu Nuit?

Dear CRTC,

During the April 15, 2006 broadcast of Saturday Night Live, Global cut away to a commercial right after the opening monologue and two seconds into the next sketch, which was a joke commercial. (SNL frequently inserts joke commercials for joke products after the monologue. It is part of the show. It has been part of the show for 30 years.)

Later in the broadcast, SNL returned from a Global TV commercial break during the credits for the weekly Robert Smigel cartoon sketch, which appears during the show. In other words, the entire Smigel sketch was replaced by Global TV commercials.

If Canadians had the choice to watch SNL on the local American network affiliate, it wouldn't bother me that Global TV technicians mess up every week. But thanks to the CRTC's "program substitution" regulation, I'm forced to watch the same Global hatchet job on channel 03 (Global) and channel 23 (WPTZ, the NBC affiliate).

In case you hadn't guessed, I am majorly peeved. What specific steps is Global TV going to take to ensure that these (frequent) mistakes no longer occur?

And if it can't figure out how not mess up a show, I recommend the CRTC not apply the program substitution rule to Global TV since there is a good chance the show is not "comparable."


I didn't mention it in the letter, but Global TV showed their network identification clip eight times in-a-row before the musical guest segment. (The network ID is that four-second clip of their logo flying through the air.)

I guess Global TV ran out of commercials so they had to fill the time with the psychosis-inducing network ID clip. It's as close to purgatory as I've ever been. It was as bad as that time I had to watch five-times-in-a-row those The More You Know public service announcements during every commercial break on an NBC-affiliated TV station in Costa Rica.


DAVE ( said...

Yeah, yeah. I hate global when they switch shows. Back when BONES and HOUSE ran back to back, they would start HOUSE whenit was BONES set to play, cut after 10 minutes, swith to BONES, of which I missed the first 10 minutes, then show HOUSE. They did this 3 weeks in a row at the beginning of the season. I scream at my TV like a crazy person.

Trev said...

If you read the documents the CRTC sent to me, I believe they suggest that this substitution is supposed to be seamless and unseed to the viewer. Ya, right. I look forward to their excuses regarding "live" programming.