Sunday, April 16, 2006

Arahova Souvlaki coming to Queen Mary Road?

The missus spotted an Arahova Souvlaki van outside the defunct Bistrolé restaurant at 5375 Queen Mary Road (a block west of Décarie) across the street from Rockaberry.

Could Arahova be opening at that location? If so, it may steal some customers from the similarly-name Amazona Restaurant (514-484-2612) two blocks south at 5527 Cote St. Luc Road.

Before moving to the west-end, my Greek restaurant of choice was Arahova. But Amazona has won me over. The prices are about the same (maybe a bit less). And the chicken pita sandwich is identical. But Amazona wins because their roasted potatoes are, well, roasted. Arahova's potatoes seem boiled.

It'll be nice to see how the two restaurants fight for my Greek restaurant dinner budget. I'll post my review if and when the new Arahova opens.

New Arahova location?Site of the new west-end Arahova?

UPDATE: The Arahova coming soon sign was put in the window a day after I posted this entry. Hmm. I wonder if the Arahovian Powers-That-Be read my blog...


Anonymous said...

I've never met your Missus, but she sounds very astute and hot. I would give her money and presents accordingly.

Anonymous said...

yes Arahova is moving into the bistro ole building.they put up asign on thursday.

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