Monday, April 10, 2006

24: season 5, episode 17

HellerA few comments from tonight's episode of 24:
  • Why does it take so long for bystanders to recognize famous people like Wayne Palmer?
  • Why don't the good guys ever share information with each right away, instead of concocting a long, drawn out plan about meeting somewhere in some number of minutes, which is usually enough time for the bad guys to triangulate a cell phone battery and kill the would-be informant?
  • Jack can download real-time satellite images (with heat signatures!) and transfer the contents of encrypted hard drives to his PDA but he doesn't think to transfer then contents of a digital voice recorder via his PDA to Chloe -- you know, in case he gets killed or something by the dozen armed men waiting outside the bank.
  • Once the President is cornered, I suspect he will grab Aaron's gun and hold either Aaron or the First Lady hostage, or maybe Aaron will simply be the one to handcuff him orders from the Vice President.
  • But it would be much cooler if Secretary of Defence Heller pulls some of his season 4 action moves and makes the arrest himself.

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