Saturday, March 25, 2006

My question airs on CTV News Ask Us segment

I have seen many news stories about the Alberta government's incredible revenues. But no reporter had explained exactly how Alberta was getting rich from the oil. After all, it is Shell and the other oil companies that are doing all the work to extract the stuff.

So I sent my question to CTV National News for their Ask Us segment on Friday nights.

You'll note that I didn't use my real name. I used a French name, which I figured would guarantee the question would be answered on air because it would show that CTV has a broad viewership in all parts of country.

("Hey, French guys in Quebec watch our show. Wicked! Let's go to Wayne Gretzky's Restaurant for some fine Toronto cooking and celebrate after the show.")

Anyway, the family name I chose was that on my grade 2 teacher, Mlle Marielle Rondeau.

This was my question:
News reports state that the Alberta government enjoys record budgetary surpluses because of the oil boom. But the government doesn't extract and sell the oil themselves. So, specifically, how is the government getting more revenues?
I was half asleep last night when I saw the teaser for the Ask Us segment. Sandy Rinaldo said they were going to answer a question after the break about Alberta oil revenues! That must be my question.

So, I got the VHS VCR ready (sorry, no PVR yet) and taped it. You can see the video here.

My question to Ask Us

P.S. A year ago, I sent a question to Ask Us about the dyes Lloyd Robertson uses in his hair. That question never aired.

On June 8, 2006, YouTube removed the video (linked from this page) on request from CTV News. I guess that explains what Lloyd Robertson is doing at the end of the newscast when he turns to the computer on his desk and starts typing. He's monitoring my blog for CTV videos. Damn, he's a sly old man!


Trev said...

Lloyd Robertson sucks ass

crammer said...

I wonder how the "royalties" alberta gets compare to the subsidies ottawa gives the oil industry?

Crammer (not my real name)

Kremmair said...

Sandy R. is such an elitist anglo snob - you notice how she patronized poor ignorant Pierre Rondeau of Montréal?