Friday, March 17, 2006

Habs fans sing O Canada

The last time I saw a live sports event, the Expos lost their final game at Olympic Stadium to the Florida Marlins on September 29, 2004. There was a big crowd and people were sad and angry the team was moving to Washington, DC.

The week before, spectators at the Bell Centre booed the American national anthem loudly. This was during a period of dumb anti-Americanism. It made news around North America. So, as the sad/angry Expo fans stood for the national anthems before the final game, I was nervous.

The Star Spangled Banner was first and the boos started immediately. Then something amazing happened. The rest of the crowd tried to drown out the boos with clapping. It worked. People didn't stop booing, but at least we were challenging their buffoonery.

Like I said, last night's hockey game (Carolina 5, Habs 1) was the first sports event I'd seen since that last Expos game. This time, the crowd did not boo the American anthem. But even more amazingly, the crowd sung O Canada. Loudly. I was there during the 1991 Canada Cup game at the Forum and it wasn't sung as loudly as it was last night.

I wonder if anyone has ever tracked public support for secession with the signing (or not) of O Canada before Habs games. If last night was an indicator, the good side will win again.


crammer said...

Resistance is futile!

Al B Here said...

I'm still trying to get a grip on the whole separatist concept, myself. The more I look at it, the less sense it makes. And it really astounds me just how differently francophones and anglophones see the same events. Quite a wacky province we have here.

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