Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mugging victim says metro worker refused to help

Helping victims of violence in the Montreal metro must violate union rules requiring metro staff to not giving a damn.

Mugging victim says metro worker refused to help
Last updated Jan 12 2006 08:49 AM EST
CBC News

A Montreal woman says a transit corporation employee ignored her pleas for help after she was attacked and robbed in a metro station a week ago.

Haiying Song, 40, says four teenagers girl cornered her at the bottom of the stairwell, hit her in the back, pulled her hair and knocked her over. She says the young girls kicked her in the ribs before running away with her purse. Song says was afraid to leave the Monk metro station in Ville Émard, where the attack took place. She went to the ticket booth inside the metro station to get the attendant to call 911. But she says he refused and told her to either use her cellphone or go outside to use the pay phone to contact police.

Song filed a complaint against the Montreal Transit Corporation and MTC official Odile Paradis says the complaint is being taken very seriously. Paradis would not make any official comment, saying the incident is under investigation.

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