Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I was just opening up a socket

Here's an observation about this week's episode of 24 (s05e05):

Every mole in the history of CTU tries to explain away his presence in the server room by claiming he was "just opening up a socket."

I used to think that most CTU staff were developmentally-challenged (except for Jack and Curtis). How many times must you be burned by a mole before waking up and putting a guard in the server room?

But I have now reconsidered. The all-purpose "just opening up a socket" excuse is deviously brilliant because it's so believable. Who among us doesn't need to open a socket from time to time. Sockets qua sockets are items that require opening. And you cannot very well open a socket from your CTU computer. You need get yourself over to the server/socket room.

In fact, I've begun using "Just opening up a socket" as my default answer to "What are your doing?" when someone calls as I'm certain people are tired with "Not much, you?"


Riskczar said...

Take a look at Dave Barry's comments from this week; he comments on the poor HR practices at CTU as moles find it easy to get hired.

Anonymous said...