Thursday, January 19, 2006

Gmail goes POP

I guess I missed this news when it was released in November 2005, but I just learned that one can access Gmail with POP in your favorite e-mail app. Here are instructions on how to set your new account in Outlook (Express).

You will also need to login to your Gmail account on the Web and select POP access on one of the option screens. Very important.

I'm quite happy about this as my main e-mail account is at Sympatico and the e-mail service there sucks. Messages sent to me bounce back to friends with the following message:
When trying to deliver your message, the mail server at encountered permanent problems with the following address: For [>, the destination server said: Too many recipients received this hour (from
This problem only started when I migrated from their proprietary e-mail system to a Sympatico-branded Hotmail system. (Go figure.) Leave it to Canada's largest ISP to develop a way to mess up delivery of e-mail.

I'm now using Gmail.


Ian said...

I've been using Yahoo! Mail Plus forever, but it started acting strangely a couple of months ago (delays up to several days in receiving messages.) I switched my domains to forward to GMail instead, but I'm not thrilled. What I used to do was POP from both home and work... if you set Leave Mail On Server in your e-mail client, it works like a charm. With GMail, once a message has been POPed you can't download it again from a different machine (unless you want to download every single message in your inbox again.) I might just have to switch back to Yahoo!

Do you POP from home, work or both?

Darryl said...

I had the same problem. I resolved it by changing some settings on the Gmail Web interface:

* Go to Settings -- Forwarding and POP
* Select Enable POP only for mail that arrives from now on
* Select Keep Gmail's copy in the Inbox

If you choose to Archive Gmail's copy, you won't be able to download the messages via POP later when you get home. I suspect that is how you have it set up currently.