Friday, December 16, 2005

Storm of 2005

The first big winter storm of the 2005/06 season hit today. More than 40 cm (16 inches) fell on Montreal.

This is what my car looked like when I returned home today.

It took 30 minutes to brush the snow from the top and to dig a trench around the sides and front. In that time, several pedestrians and a M├ętro supermarket delivery van guy volunteered their thoughts about my situation.

"L'hiver est beau!" said one lady. Yes, lady, it's a delight. Oh, were you being ironic? F you.

The chain-smoking genius in the white supermarket delivery van confided to me that the large pile of snow on the driver's side was caused by the snow plows. How insightful. Maybe you can next tackle the mystery of how the bread gets dark when you put it in the toaster oven.

My favourite idiot comment wasn't even a comment. It was a slight giggle from some dude holding what looked like an old-fashioned styrofoam hamburger container in his hands.

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