Monday, December 26, 2005

Contraband Cookie Crisp in Canada

Canadians like to believe that we get all the same fine consumer products as they do in the United States. But it isn't true.

For instance, for years Dr Pepper was not available here (or at least in Quebec). We don't have as many brand extension choices for Tropicana orange juice. The chocolate bar 100 Grand is not sold here (except in a handful of spciality shops at higher prices). And Canadian kids must go without some great cereals.

I think scarcity makes many of these products taste better. It's exciting to drive to Plattsburg, NY and return with 10 packages of fat-free Lays (the ones with Olestra that Health Canada prohibits) or cans of Coca-Cola with Splenda.

Perhaps the most famous item not sold in Canada is Cookie Crisp cereal by General Mills. I'm not sure why.

The good news is I discovered a major supermarket in Montreal that sells the cereal with it's illegal English-only packaging. I won't say where. I don't want to get them in trouble. They have lots of other US-only stuff. E-mail me if you want to know.

Anyway, is there anything better than the sight of Cookie Crisp in the cereal aisle?

Contraband Cookie Crisp in Montreal


Anonymous said...


You probably think I am kidding when I write this but I was wondering if you'd go to that supermarket for me and buy 4 boxes of Cookie Crisp and ship them to me in British Columbia. I'll pay you for your time, shipping and the cereal via PayPal if thats cool.

No I am totally not even kidding.

email me at youngmarketers @ shaw. ca (remove spaces)



Anonymous said...

OMG! Cookie Crisp in Montreal!? Please... you've gotta tell me where.

My e-mail is


Anonymous said...

Ive been lokking all over for cookie crisp! Youd be brightening my mornings if you could tell me where to find them!!please!!lol

Adrien said...

They finally got cookie crisp at Costco in Canada! Giant boxes, with french on them too :)

When I saw that, I stocked up real quick, never sure if it will be there next time we go!

Anonymous said...

yea i bought them in costco in newmarket ontario...... im eating them right now :)

Alissa said...

I'm sorry, but I am cracking up over this. I live in the US, I ate Cookie Crisp for breakfast every single morning for years- to see people getting *this* excited about (and to see the other items the article mentioned) is crazy to me! It makes me wonder what other everyday items in my house would send Canadians into a frenzy!
Tell me what U.S. items not available in Canada you would just go nuts for...

Raph-is-IT! said...

Ah man... Would love to know where this grocery is located! Also, I'd like to find some great hot dog/ franks in montreal.. I know Deli Snowdon has some Hebrew Nationals but they are pretty pricey and pretty far from where I live. Anyways, i would appreciate if you could help me out on this... Thanks!

RenataM said...

please tell me whereeee