Monday, November 07, 2005

Julie Synder implies no Quebec anglos speak French properly

I was flipping around tonight and saw Irish rock star Chris de Burgh singing on Star Académie, the popular Quebec singing competition on TVA.

After singing Don't Pay the Ferryman, host Julie Snyder interviewed de Burgh in English and French. Chris de Burgh understands French and speaks it decently. He's no Jodie Foster. But he's okay for a guy from Ireland.

I'm not sure if Snyder was trying to suck up or if she harbours deep-seated resentments, but she said to the audience: Wow. Finalement un anglophone qui sait comment parler francais comme-il-faut.

Imagine what would happened if Canadian Idol host Ben Mulroney had made a comparable comment to French singer Charles Aznavour. The Quebec unions and the St. John the Baptist Society would be in the streets protesting this provocation. CTV would be issuing on-air apologies. (Remember what happened when Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visited Quebec City?)

Yet, Snyder's disparaging comments about the proficiency of Quebec's English-speakers' abilities in French won't even be noticed in Quebec.

For the record, Julie Snyder's English sucks raw open ass. She admitted as much when she made the self-evident claim that his French is better than her English. Duh. In fact, my favourite part of the interview was when Snyder touched de Burgh and then said (in hinglish): "I'm not gonna to wash tonight." A little too much information, Julie.


Anonymous said...


Freefry30 said...

That's some intelligent debate right there I'll reckon.

The fact is Julie Snyder can say anything she wants short of "yellow butter." If I was to say "yellow butter" at a St. Jean Baptiste meeting, I would probably be arrested on the spot. Then again, it makes as much sense for me to be at that meeting as you watching TVA.

YeahRight said...

How exactly are you offended by "Wow. Finalement un anglophone qui sait comment parler francais comme-il-faut." (Wow. Finally an anglophone that can speak french correctly.)

... keep scratching dumbass

That's some hardcore hatred right there.. we're like... one step away from concentration camps here


JF Parent said...

Comparing the insulting dog saying "speak white" and other racist thing with the joke of Julie Snyder impressed by the quality of language of the speaker is unappropriate. You must be frustrated all the time in your life...

crammer said...

tempest in a teapot.

all I see (on BOTH sides of the language barrier) is cheap attempts to capitalize on the popular unconscious desire to prove the other side is prejudiced.

generalization = prejudice = bad.
similarly, subverting others' personal opinions to advance one's own cause = bad.

talking these things through = good.

Anonymous said...

JF, dude, you likely never watched Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Because he never used that expression.

In fact, Triumph was making France French jokes, mostly which everyone else in Quebec makes too.

In fact, the only time I have ever heard that expression is from folks who claim it was once uttered somewhere in Trois-Rivieres at 9:23pm on a random Wednesday in 1952.

JF Parent said...

In fact I did see that sketch at that time. I went to a refresher on the web. Here is what I found:
"I can tell you are French -- I can smell your crotch from here"

"You're French and Canadian? That means you're obnoxious and dumb?"

"You're in North America -- learn the language."

"Are you separatists? Listen carefully: Do you hear that? It's the sound of nobody giving a crap."

It wasn't ridiculising France, it was Québec, using stereotype of France. Try the same thing on another minority, like jews, and evaluate the reaction you would have.

My point was, Julie Snyder (and I am not a fan) wasn't close at all of that dog. French Quebecers like when a big artist is able to speak in French and make an effort to do so. It is not a usual thing to see an English speaking artist from the Canada (exept Quebec), the state, or other country speaking very well in French. She was impress of the quality of its language taking into account his background and made that comment.

See that web site for comments of some fan of O'Brian who seems to like that sketch because they hates French-Canadians:

JF Parent said...


the lack of talent of Julie in English has always been a joke in her shows since a long time, it is used as a joke (it is probably true anyway) just like a character.