Sunday, November 13, 2005

How to check status of parking tickets in Montreal

Montreal parking ticketA friend who gets a lot of parking tickets once advised me not to pay it immediately. Rather, one should wait for the administrative reminder from the City of Montreal. If you don't get the reminder, that means the city has lost track of your ticket. Me: 1. Mayor Tremblay: 0.

Of course, what if the administrative reminder from the city never reaches you because of some mixup at Canada Post. The city will assume you received it. And if you don't pay, it will assume you want to go to court. The next letter you get will be an appointment notification letter. At that point, you're screwed because you'll be on the hook for court fees too -- even if you decide to pay the original fine.

Fortunately, you can now check the status of your parking ticket at the city's Web site. Wait a week or two and then check to see if your ticket is in the system.


Freefry30 said...

Does anyone have an opinion of the electronic parking meter stands downtown? Do you find them more convenient for you or the City of Montreal?

Anonymous said...

I have an oppinion! They are easier for the city. I'm all for electronics but the truth is even the most tech savey person makes a mistake and has to pay for it. Example the other day i got a ticket downtown but i paid for parking. Upon further review i accidentaly punched the wrong letter in the meter. The right number but the worong letter. So i paid $6 for parking and still got a $37 dollars ticket. You can put money in the wrong meter next to your car but having to put money at a pay station that you can't even see your car from. Mistakes are made.

Anonymous said...

I would also add the other point good for the city and bad for the citizen: You cannot add money to your meter to stay longer before the end of it, it doesn't cumulate. So if your break turns out to be after 1 hour 30 minutes after you had put 2 hours of coins, you would have to go back to pay it later, or pay twice that last 30 minutes to extend your time if you originally needed, let say, 3 hours.
What a scam!