Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Boisclair wins PQ leadership

André Boisclair admitted he took cocaine while a minister in the government of Lucien BouchardAndré Boisclair, 39, was selected by party members as the new leader of the Quebec Party. He is the youngest person ever to lead the left-wing secessionist-loving party. He also happens to be openly gay. And he admitted during the leadership campaign that he ingested cocaine more than once while he was a cabinet minister in the government of Premier Lucien Bouchard.

The Quebec Party has come a long way. People like René Levesque made chain-smoking acceptable. Jacques Parizeau opened the door for angry drunks to assume the leadership. Bernard Landry made it okay to berate hotel workers of Mexican origin for plebiscitary setbacks. And now André Boisclair has made cocaine use cool again.

Obviously, the bar is getting higher. Those thus far excluded from the leadership -- women and anglophones -- shouldn’t be discouraged.

My advice: Go buy some crystal meth.

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Freefry30 said...

One of my students asked me today, "If we separate from Canada, does that mean we don't have to study Canadian History anymore?" I told him that this would probably make the course even larger, possibly even necessitating the addition of an eighth module to the course but that there would be no one left to teach it to him so he would have to take the course in French. He started panicking, so I told him that it would be unlikely that Quebec would separate by mid-June.