Monday, October 31, 2005

My letter to Global TV

Dear Global TV,

I am writing to comment on the varying-sound-level problem I have noticed on Global TV in Montreal. Television shows seem to have their sound level set at around 6. Sound for local promos for Global shows or contests is set to 10. Regular national ads are set to 7. This is extremely annoying. Not as annoying as CTV's According to Jim, but pretty darned annoying nonetheless.

As you might imagine, this sound problem forces me to keep my hand on the remote all evening to
prevent hearing loss from a local This Morning Live ad. I then have to turn the volume back up to hear a rising-crust pizza ad featuring that hideous old Italian women who gets serenaded by her son or grandson (hard to say which it is) before smiling her weird gingivitis smile.

Anyway, please do something about this sound problem. It really sucks.

UPDATE: Here is Global's reply

I'm writing in response to your e-mail of October 31, 2005 concerning the uneven and sometimes very loud signals on Global Quebec.

First of all, I'm sorry to have taken so long to get back to you. Global Quebec recently underwent a major change in the equipment used to broadcast our signal. The problem we are experiencing with the varying sound levels is a result of that change.

Our engineers are working to correct the problem. And we hope to have it corrected very shortly. Thank you for your interest in Global Quebec.

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